The Flamenco Connection
One of Guillermo’s greatest passions has always been learning traditional flamenco. He began studying the art of guitar accompaniment for flamenco dancers under the tutoring and mentoring of internationally renowned performer and instructor, Raquel Tacon.
Born in Valladolid, Spain, Raquel began her formal dance studies at age 5, and by the age of 15 she had joined the Manolo Caracol Dance Academy. Throughout her remarkable career she also performed and toured with the Antonio Vargas Spanish Ballet, and the Carmen Mota/Joaquin Robles Spanish Ballet. Among the many performances with Raquel Tacon’s Academy, Guillermo went on to perform several successful concerts with her company in 2004, 2005 and 2007. Raquel continues to teach the art of Flamenco at her Studio in Orlando FL., and at the Orlando Ballet School. For more information check out her website at:


Alive in Houston
Keeping up with his Flamenco chops in Houston, Guillermo is now performing with “Cuadro La Tempestad” at Del Espadin Dance Academy, under the supervision of Maria del Espadin (Mother) and La Tempestad (Daughter). Maria Del Espadin brings over 25 yrs of Experience in all phases of Spanish Dance: Regional, Classical and Flamenco. Instructors include Carlos Antonio Fernandez, Mariquita Flores, Maria Alba, Manolo Rivera, Carmela Greco and Antonio Vargas.
La Tempestad began her studies at age 4 at the Neubert Ballet Institute in Carnagie Hall. Shortly thereafter, she began current studies in Spanish Dance at Carnagie Hall’s International Studios. Her studies over the years with outstanding teachers like Maria Del Espadin, La Farruca, Rosa Montoya, Carlos Antonio Fernandez, Mercedes Amaya, and Carmela Greco have given Tempestad a rigorous grounding in Flamenco fundamentals and a depth of artistic understanding.
Guillermo performs with Cuadro La Tempestad on a regular basis in various venues, festivals and private events in the Houston area. For more information and upcoming events, please check